Which software is best for billing ,GST and eWay Billing

Definition of GST Software?

    GST software perform as a backbone of the all GST operations in an industry or organization. GST is a revised and organized version of the indirect taxes on goods and services by the central as well as state governments in India.

    eBillPro is perfect GST billing and account software which can easily managed by the traders and all business man. The different activities which is managed by eBillPro GST software include:

-GST related all reports GST Sale summary ,GST  Sale Register , GST Purchase Summary , GST Purchase Register

-GST Return GSTR1 , GSTR2 , GSTR3 and GSTR3B ready for upload

-Billing or Invoicing

-Sale Return


-Purchase return

-Estimate and Quotation

-Document printing

-Discounts & schemes management

-MIS reports

-Inventory management

-financial accounting

Essentials Characteristics of a Good GST Software

All-in-one solution

eBillPro here to provide you with an excellent all-in-one solution for your business and great way to ease your work as it is quite efficient.

Secure and reliable

You can trust the eBillPro software when you store all the important files and data in it. It has a secure interface and will never harm your system.

Fully customizable

You can customize what you want on the screen and make shortcuts for all the important modules that you often use on the software.

Easy to use

You don’t have to be a computer expert or someone who has used such software before. It's easy to use for everyone and will make your job swift.


The eBillPro software is cost effective and will help you lifelong. With a top-notch interface, it is one of the finest in the industry at a reasonable price!

Extended support

If you have troubles using the software, you can find extended support through unilead. We are always here to fix all your issues!


We are all about providing the finest results with keeping in mind about other factors, we have created an eco-friendly application.

Key Point of eBillPro as a best Software for GST invoicing 

As we Know GST solution is a one-stop platform for satisfying all the diverse business needs of any organization. Here is few key point which make the eBillPro As a Best GST Software

-Customize GST Billing Platform

-Error free .JSON file for GST return

-Auto Solution for eWay Billing

-Customize Solution for accounting activities

-Inventory Management

-Best Management for taxation activity

As we Know E-Way bill will be implementing soon in all over India.

So let’s know some important key of E-Way Bill:

Q-1 Who is responsible for E-way Bill ?

Ans.: The responsibility for E-way Bill is :

Ist – The Supplier

2nd – The receiver

3rd – the Registered person if Purchase or sale from a Un-Registered Person/dealer


Q-2 what type of supply is cover under E-Way Bill ?

Ans.: There is all type of movements of Goods are Cover under E-Way Bill. Including Rejection, Sale Return ,Repair and Maintance and Job Work or material send for Job Work with

A Delivery Challan. A approx Value wiii be show on Delivery Challan of Job work and made a E-way Bill for this Challan.

Q-3 what Amount is cover under E-Way Bill ?

Ans.: There is the material value up to Rs. 50000/= is not cover under E-way Bill ,if the total Value of material who load in a single vehicle more than 50000/= E-way bill will be generated by the Transporter.

Q-4 How Many part file in E-way Bill ?

Ans.: There is 2 part of E-way bill, it’s A and B. in part A ,we fill the detail of Goods receiver , items detail and Value of Goods. And Part B is Colum of Transporter detail ,mean Transport name, vehicle number, and GR number.

Q-5 What is the limit of fill Part B in E-way Bill?

Ans.: If the material Dispatch less than 10Km.through by hand or Rickshaw part B will not be required.

Q-6 What is the Identity of Goods in E-way Bill?

Ans.: The Goods will be Identified with the HSN Code shown is E-way Bill.

Q-7Any Printout of E-way bill need with the Invoice of Goods?

Ans.: No Printout need with the Invoice of Goods, show only number of E-way bill in front of Invoice.

Q-8 What is Consolidated E-way Bill ?

Ans.: consolidated E-way bill is generated when the transporter is carrying multiple consignments in a single vehicle. Consolidated E-Way

allows the transporter to carry a single document ,instead of a separate document for each consignment in a conveyance.

Q-9 What is the validity of E-way Bill?

Ans.: The validity of E-way Bill is:

00 to 100 Km. : 01 Days

100 to 300 Km.: 03 Days

300 to 500 Km. : 05 Days

500 to 1000 Km. : 10 Days

More than 1000 km.: 15 Days

Q-10 What is the penalty of non-filling of E-way Bill ?

Ans.: the penalty of non-filling of E-way Bill is 200% of GST value of invoice.

please note that there is no editing in E-way bill after final submission.