Manage Your Inventory easily with eBillPro Inventory Management Software

The function of the inventory management system is to monitor inventory at all levels of orders and deliveries. It optimizes manufacturers' supply levels to ensure that they have supply chain management capabilities when they place orders. The main function is to improve efficiency by balancing supply and demand, improving geographic specialization and security, so as to use inventory in the marketing and production profit process in stock.

What is inventory? 

Inventory is an item-by-item catalogs of tangible goods or intangible attributes, covering all goods purchased and used during the manufacturing process. Raw materials, work in progress, and finished products constitute the company's inventory. It also involves corporate assets, labour, cash, inventory of important items, while maintaining specific operational requirements.

Inventory Management Through Bar–Code?

eBillPro is a Complete solution of billing through Barcode management , user can easy sale the item just like POS Billing system without any knowledge of business.

Inventory type 

-Raw materials include purchased materials, which are extracted materials that are later converted into finished products. 

-These components are the parts used in the final product. 

-Work in progress includes projects that operate and run throughout the plant. 

-The finished product involves an integral part of the drawing of the final product, which is ultimately sold to the customer. 

-The distribution system is important for visible and accurate inventory assessment during the manufacturing process. 

-It must be flexible in order to make profitable investments or low inventories on a variety of products, involving low labour costs and fast production. 

What are we going to do? 

As inventory management becomes more complex in an increasingly digital world, eBillPro is proud to address these challenges to help companies achieve exponential growth. We provide a reliable web-based inventory management system that can facilitate business in today's economically viable financial world.

Manual inventory management is no longer an alternative for commercial companies because human error can lead to poor management and inaccuracy. This will ultimately change decision-making factors and hinder the growth of the company. Our goal is to transform your business by improving program delivery by conquering convergence to stay ahead of all business competitors. Improving skill levels through technical training and building fast, agile, and competitive networks can help us deliver high-quality software through integrated planning and task tracking. We interact with cutting-edge technologies and products to discover the best business advantages. Our value is not in assets or software, but in the choice of people who support the widespread use of new technologies as proven through direct experiments. There are risks to the supply chain process, but we strive to be flexible to respond to change and increase overall levels of productivity. 

Inventory and inventory management functions: 

Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, service provider or any other industrialist, you can use inventory management software to help your company track the assets produced and assign them to interested customers.

Video surveillance through codes

Bar codes help organize electronic management of inventory management and systems. It is an essential part of any retail business and can increase verification efficiency by marking the product to be tracked and tracked with a unique serial number. We create inventory control alerts for inventory and checkout assets through key review procedures for account balance accuracy, transaction confirmation, evaluation and clarification. 

Efficient inventory operations 

Depreciation and valuation of Ghost assets are important issues affecting revenue, accounting books and taxes. Investing wisely in the right technology investments helps avoid unnecessary, non-existent artefacts. 

GST billing software 

Managing inventory and inventory through GST billing is a hassle for the retail industry. Therefore, we propose retail billing software to save time for SMEs. Billing, purchases, returns, sales, exchanges, expenses, reports and general accounting can be monitored from anywhere with this software.

Centralized storage 

As the business grows, the data generated internally and externally will increase dramatically. Therefore, centralized storage databases handle storage issues and maintain large amounts of sensitive consumer information. This can reduce the overall cost of a server technology investment, especially if the company operates in multiple locations. 

Improve sales efficiency and timely delivery 

Achieving delivery deadlines is a core advantage of quality inventory management software. This eliminates customer churn and minimizes human error, such as wasting products and reporting product out of stock. 

Accurate planning and forecasting 

Businesses have access to accurate reports that provide real-time inventory movements and synchronize orders with available inventory to increase business efficiency from order creation to fulfilment. 

eBillPro thus centralizes your inventory in multiple warehouses to promote the most cost-effective inventory system and reduce inventory costs to meet customer needs. Over time, it is increasingly able to generate a large number of accounting documents, confirm purchase orders, spare parts management and increase the speed of updates by improving reliability.